2018 has been an exciting time of growth for Placement.io! With the help of Revel Partners, we raised $3.8 million in seed funding with participation from Vulcan Capital and Alpine Meridian (Check out the full TechCrunch article).

Since then, Placements.io is proud to announce the addition of Mike Finucane as our SVP of Sales, as well myself (Kayla Allen) to lead our marketing demand efforts (humble brag).

Meet the new Placements.io team members:

Mike is a sales champion with experience in digital advertising, software solutions and web-based startups. He’s ready to hit the ground running to build a sales organization in our New York office.

Mike shared, “I’m incredibly impressed that Edwin has assembled the customer base he has without the help of a sales team. These are sophisticated publishers with complex needs across a variety of categories. It’s truly representative of the strength of our platform, the skills of our engineers, and a product-first approach. Publishers are demanding partners with agile platforms and I’m most excited by our speed-to-delivery, which uniquely positions us to innovate and drive meaningful business outcomes for our customers.”

I come from a sales and marketing background with experience in consumer services and tech. I’m looking forward to spreading the word about our unique platform and increasing our exposure, particularly during a transitional time with the announcement of the Google DSM depreciation. I’m excited to work with Mike and Edwin to champion some awesome sales and marketing initiatives. Edwin’s passion for the product and developing his team makes me thrilled to contribute to a fast-growing business. It’s time to put Placement.io on the map!

New funding, what’s next?

At Placements.io, we exist to provide business agility to publishers. The media ecosystem is changing and changing fast — Placements.io’s platform was built to adapt as publisher needs rapidly evolve in their quest to enable and optimize multi-platform sales. With the proceeds of our new round, we are doubling down on engineering resources to establish an innovation lab. While we will keep on improving existing platform features for our customers, we’re eager to collaborate on new strategic development opportunities. With 25+ new releases a year and growing, we plan to listen to our customers even more.

Our team understands that in order to help publishers maximize revenue across all channels and scale operations, we need to be extremely focused on being the best at:

  • Implementing for Success
  • Customer Support (Pre & Post-Launch)
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Data Visualization & Reporting
  • BI & Analytics
  • Audience-Based Sales Enablement
  • Applications that Drive Operational Efficiency

We’re excited to be building a world class sales, support, and professional services team in New York that understands publisher goals and their challenges. Aside from generating new partnerships, our team will also be working in lockstep with our customers to prioritize strategic development projects for our innovation lab in Seattle.

As we look to the next couple of quarters, we’re thinking social, programmatic, audience extension, local/self-serve, and more…so be on the lookout for exciting announcements soon!