DSM Migration

Migrate from Google DSM to the Placements.io platform with zero disruption to your business.

The problem:

Time is running out — The deprecation of Google Doubleclick Sales Manager is less than a year away.

  • 41% of companies using DSM do not have plans to replace it any time soon.*
  • Those who wait run the risk of competing for resources with whichever partner they choose.

How we can help:

59% of companies using DSM believe the implementation of a replacement will be their biggest hurdle.* At Placements.io, we’ve built a migration tool to make a seamless switch.

  • Fastest time to implementation
  • Obsessive customer support
  • Client-driven product roadmaps
  • Real-time integrations with your current systems
  • Manage multiple revenue channels

*Based on a recent survey conducted by CANAM research. See full report here.

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