Here at, we’re always finding new ways to analyze data to give publishers further insight into the health of their advertising business. Here’s are some exciting recent additions to our platform:

On Schedule Indicator (OSI)

Need to track campaign performance? We now pull in 1st and 3rd party data right into the line item and campaign views. In addition, both 1st party and 3rd party OSI data is available on our custom billing file. So convenient!

But THEN we took it a step further…

Revenue at Risk (RaR)

Sure, it’s one thing to calculate OSI, but what does that mean in dollars? How much money are you potentially losing out on? With our new Revenue at Risk feature available in campaign and line item views, you gain insight into exactly that. This information isn’t just helpful to Ops teams, but across the business. With RaR, we’re helping prioritize campaign management tasks.

Why this is important:

  • RaR serves as a vital health assessment metric
  • Sales and management can better understand the health of their active book of business
  • Reducing the revenue at risk helps capture the full revenue booked

Once a campaign is complete, we’ve also added a Revenue at Loss (RaL) feature to see how much was potentially lost at the end of the day.

Both measurable KPIs in our platform, our goal is to help our partners reduce revenue loss and drastically improve their media business.

Just another way we’re doing more with our partners’ data, so they can focus on other things.

More to come!