Multi-Channel Order Management

The modern order management system evolving with every way publishers sell today and tomorrow.

Ease of use was built in the Cloud and made for today’s complex products and users. We invest heavily in creating the most intuitive experience in the market.

Manage more sales channels

Publishers shouldn’t have to manage sales in every system they use. At last, drive more revenue by controlling your direct, programmatic, and non-ad served sales channels in a single place.

Flexible product, rate card &
pricing management

Bring products to market faster through our flexible and granular product and inventory management. uniquely offers dynamic floor pricing, flexible discounting, inventory controls, and adjustable targeting-based pricing.

Comprehensive workflow
approvals and controls

Finally put an end to countless email approvals with resulting errors and delays.Easily configure business and inventory rules by role and status.

Real-time integrations

Never wait around for records to update again! Optimize your campaign performance with real-time data. Execute orders that can be fulfilled in other systems in real time.

Fully configurable insertion
order templates

Manage multiple properties or sell in several countries? helps you build custom templates according to the branding and order requirements of each business.

Push directly to all your systems in real time.

Pull in data from Salesforce in real-time and automatically push campaigns to the ad server.
It’s that easy.


Easy-to-use interface

Bulk copy, edit, group, and target line items to eliminate the time and frustration involved in planning your campaigns.

Advanced yield reporting
and predictive insights.

View first and third party reporting data side-by-side. Forecast Revenue at Risk (RaR) so no dollar is left on the table.

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