Insights & Analytics

Gain visibility into your business and take action faster than ever before. At, we’re always finding new ways to analyze data to give publishers greater insight into the health of their advertising business.


Introducing, patent-pending machine learning and AI capabilities to help predict actionable insights for your business.

  • Real-time insights into Revenue at Risk (RaR) on campaign and line items to ensure the full revenue booked is captured.
  • Forecast yield and performance in the future.
  • Visualize what-if scenarios on-demand.


Control, manage, and visualize your data in one place

  • Reconcile contracted vs. first party vs. third party data.
  • Slice and dice your data across any parameter and drill down to every level of detail.
  • Integrations with STAQ, Adjuster, Datorama, Tableau, and other business intelligence tools.

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