We’re thrilled to welcome Kirsten to Placements.io to head up our Account Management team. She’s full of spunk and eager to hit the ground running!

What was your background before you joined Placements.io?

Kirsten: I was previously at Indeed for almost 8 years. My position there was a good mix of Account Management and Growth Sales. When I started at Indeed it was a startup, so how we supported accounts and what that looked like changed tremendously over time. I think I was employee number 56 when I started and there were over 4,000 globally when I left, so it was rewarding to watch and grow with the company.

Why did you decide to work at Placements.io? What drew you to this role and company?

Kirsten: The energy of everyone I met with and the passion for what Placements.io is doing was very enticing to me. This is a new space for me, so I had to educate myself a little on the impact that Placements.io has and will have on the industry, and it became clear they have something really special. Leading the new Account Management team is also attractive to me because I enjoy being a part of something from the beginning and having a say in how the role will be shaped.

Can you tell me more about your role?

Kirsten: I will be the face of Placements.io for our clients. I’m excited to onboard new clients and make sure all our partners are receiving the highest level of service. In addition, as we roll out new features and enhancements, I will be making sure our clients are aware of those capabilities and the growing ways they can use our platform to their full advantage.

Was there a particular previous accomplishment or experience that you feel has especially prepared you for this role?

Kirsten: Learning how to build and develop a successful Account Management role from the ground up at Indeed has definitely prepared me to take my skill set and apply it to a new industry at Placements.io.

What do you like best about working here so far?

Kirsten: The environment and people have been awesome. My first day was also day one in our new fancy New York office, so that was exciting. Also funny because the first thing we did is run to Home Depot for cleaning supplies. Never a dull moment at a startup!

What are you most excited for at Placements.io?

Kirsten: I’m really looking forward to partnering with our clients and I’m very much up to the challenge of making sure we’re living up to a service that is unique from our competitors and makes Placements.io the best in the industry.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Kirsten: Right now, I love spending time with my daughter and my two dogs. That keeps me pretty busy!

Interested in learning more about the Placements.io revenue management platform? Contact [email protected].